Dear readers…I have been chastised by someone whose opinion I value for calling myself a moron. I shall henceforth refer to myself as moderately technically challenged!

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  1. Denise Withnell
    Denise Withnell says:

    Susan — congrats! You’ve got it up and running already! It looks great. Keep us both posted — Dave will be interested too.

    You must have read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance years ago. I haven’t read it but have been meaning to for years. What do you think of it? Still applicable to life in this century, or passe?

  2. Philip
    Philip says:

    I think it was honest of you. We all feel like morons at times, especially when learning such technical material as software, which I am convinced is usually written by morons. We have, in the US, a whole host of new morons in the state governments cutting spending for the poor and sick while giving tax breaks to the wealthy. Morons aplenty. We are not alone as morons. But, some are better than others. You are one of the best. You are not just an occasional moron in small ways, but a truly noble soul in big ways. And that’s what really counts. Canadians can be proud of your devotion to your fallen warriors. You carry on a great tradition of honoring them I look forward to hearing from you on your journeys. May Hermes lift you up with his winged feet to carry you over the winding and bumpy roads. Philip


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