communing with our wild relations

I’ve just been sorting a pile of photographs and came across these two pictures; an old one of me from the mid eighties sometime and one from my best friend Bev, taken in the last year. What they have in common is that we both had the privilege of spontaneously interacting with wild creatures in the outdoors. These kinds of relaxed encounters always leave a person with an amazing sense of well-being.

I was on the trail to Boom Lake I think and a cheeky whisky jack was happy to share my sandwich. This was cross-country skiing but I remember a camping trip where we had steaks. I was stoking the fire and turned around in time to see a whisky jack (a type of jay) hauling the bag with steaks across the table. I had to laugh. It probably weighed three times as much as he did but he was determined to make off with it.

As for Bev, she noticed a moose outside scoping out a salt block that was on the grass in front of her friend’s cabin down near Waterton Lakes. Once Ms. Moose determined all was safe, she made an afternoon of it! You have to admit, she’s gorgeous.

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