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I’m back! I haven’t blogged for ages because I’ve been going hammer and tongs on this book. It’s going to launch in the first week of November, 2012. I held off with this announcement until the last possible minute because two big publishing houses were interested in it. But small publisher MMWG, wants to take it and work with me to have it out this November. I’m grateful and it’s very exciting to have been considered by the other two also. That can only be a positive endorsement of the book.

Preliminary reviews of the manuscript have been uniformly positive and I’m getting excited about having the first hard cover copy in my hand. I believe this book will inject new life into our practice of Remembrance. The poem, In Flanders Fields, and the wearing of the poppy are about to take on new meaning for many who don’t know the real story behind them. Stay tuned for book news!

Preliminary Praise for Bonfire

“I’m reading your awesome book and loving every page! I LOVE it and it NEEDS to be in stores!! – Gracie, 12
“The story is entertaining and very informative, and Bonfire is a likeable character who offers a unique perspective on the horrors of war.” – Rachel, 26
“Oh, my, this was well done! I really enjoyed the voice of Bonfire and the archival photographs added a lot to the authenticity for me.” – Sandy, 59
“I’m all misty-eyed. Just finished reading Bonfire – I loved it!” – Paula, 52

Bonfire was a character who had a penchant for carrying things; hats, swagger sticks, and other items.- illustration by Penny Corradine

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