Jack and Bonfire hit the road…


I’m starting to plan a road trip with the Bonfire book for May, anniversary of In Flanders Fields time. Aside from the fact that it is actually the time at which the poem was written, about the 3rd of May 1915, I’d like to pique awareness and interest at least at one other time during the year. In Canada we focus everything on Remembrance Day in November, and then thoughts about our soldiers and veterans slip away for a whole year. Unless of course you have serving or fallen soldiers in the family.

My goal is to have this book in every school library and public library in Canada. I haven’t been turned down yet, in this area anyway. Generally librarians look at it for a couple of seconds and say, “Yes, we’d love one.” It’s a no brainer. Now I just have to decide, do I go by motorcycle or car? Guess I’ll have to get one of those little trailers for the bike!

One of my favourite reviews so far…
Bonfire – The Chestnut Gentleman, by Susan Raby-Dunne, captured my heart and taught me so much about the true story of John McCrae’s journey through WWI. If you are an animal lover you will adore this book! As a high school principal and educator, I am always seeking resources that will engage students and encourage them to read. This heartfelt story will resonate with students while teaching them the true meaning of the poem, In Flanders Fields, and remind them of the importance of honouring all heroes (two and four-legged!) on Remembrance Day and all days thereafter. I will remember Colonel John McCrae’s bravery, compassion and devotion to his cause whenever I wear the poppy. I will remember Bonfire and Bonneau for their unwavering loyalty to their master and their gallantry as animal soldiers.” – Leah Kingston, Principal, Ecole Secondaire Highwood High School, High River, Alberta.

UPCOMING BOOK EVENT – December 15, 11 – 4 Shelf Life Books, Calgary

Please come out to Shelf Life Books in Calgary on 4th street and 13th Avenue for a “Meet the Authors,” event. I will be there with writer/photographer Larry Semchuk and his beautiful book about wild horses of southern Alberta, Running Free.

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