Veterans retreat with Soldier’s Heart

I’m off to Los Pinos in the Los Padres mountains north of LA. Will be a support person for a veterans retreat as the Canadian representative of Soldier’s Heart. I haven’t been to one of these since 2010. It will be interesting as there will be lots of young veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. It will also be the first one I’ve been to without Soldier’s Heart directors Ed Tick and Kate Dahlstedt. I know everyone will be in good hands with retreat facilitators, John Becknell and Miguel Rivera, both of whom have been doing great service as healers in various ways for years. I will be blogging from the retreat and will be careful not to name names or reveal any identifying personal details of the participants.

What I will be doing is documenting the steps of the healing model and how it is being experienced generally, by the veterans and their family members. Stay tuned.

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