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book and independent publisher news

Last Saturday I was invited by writer Fred van Zuiden to the monthly breakfast meeting in Calgary of IPAC, Independent Publishers Association of Canada. Fred has written the WWII memoir, Call Me Mom, the gripping and entirely true saga of his life in hiding during WWII in Holland. At 80 Fred is the very picture […]

communing with our wild relations

I’ve just been sorting a pile of photographs and came across these two pictures; an old one of me from the mid eighties sometime and one from my best friend Bev, taken in the last year. What they have in common is that we both had the privilege of spontaneously interacting with wild creatures in […]

still learning

Dear Readers, I apologize if you’ve gotten this ‘nuclear blog’ more than once. I’m at my wit’s end trying to get it onto the Wrant page without success. I keep getting into onto the Home page. I’ll figure it out yet. In the meantime sorry to subject you to repeats!

nuclear power plants on top of the ring of fire

Here I was thinking that surely the Japanese, being the fastidious people that they are, had gone to extraordinary lengths to make these nuclear plants as safe as possible, given their dodgy locations. This is not the case! It seems that this current disaster follows after decades of accidents, fake or fudged safety reports, fatal […]