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trip preparations

I continue to plan my bike trip to Europe. Yesterday I went to MEC, Mountain Equipment Co-op, and as usual I was like a kid in a candy store in the place. I’ve belonged to MEC since it was in a ‘closet’ in Kensington back in the late 70s. A memorable aside about that old […]

Earthquake and Tsunami

Anything I could blog about today would be trivial in light of what’s happening in Japan. I cannot imagine here in geologically stable old Alberta, (relatively speaking since the earth is an inherently unstable planet) what it would be like to have the earth shaking, swaying and shifting under my feet. Terrifying to think about, […]

attitude adjustment

Like just about everyone else around here in Black Diamond, Alberta I’ve been whining about the seemingly endless winter this year. I don’t remember a colder, snowier winter in years. Well I was driving down the road this morning back from the post office I saw some sure signs that despite the gigantic snowbanks lining […]