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On the eve of 2013…we’re still here!!

Well we didn’t blow up, and who knows why the Mayan calendar ended? Maybe the maker simply ran out of space. Maybe it starts again from its beginning. I personally think it signals the beginning of a new era. It feels like that to me. What a year this has been! Incredibly great things, and […]

Jack and Bonfire hit the road…

I’m starting to plan a road trip with the Bonfire book for May, anniversary of In Flanders Fields time. Aside from the fact that it is actually the time at which the poem was written, about the 3rd of May 1915, I’d like to pique awareness and interest at least at one other time during […]

New Reviews and McCrae Effects…

Since I met Terry Fallis earlier this month, and he told me his grandad served with John McCrae in WWI, plus he loaned me McCrae’s actual spur for the launch and other Bonfire book events, I have met two more people whose grandfathers served with John McCrae. What in the world is going on?! Captain […]

11/11/2012 Remembrance Day

Attended a good Remembrance Day ceremony today at our local high school The auditorium was full; lots of veterans, cadets and scouts, several mounties in red serge, a good slide show and meaningful words. The Sgt. at Arms had us pay special appreciation this year to Afghanistan veterans of which there was a surprising number. […]