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Bonfire book – second draft complete!

I’ve now finished the book and Epilogue at the end. Of course I’ll continue to tweak and polish but it’s getting pretty exciting. Now I’m organizing the photos and getting all my permissions in order. From horsey teenagers to seniors and everyone in between, the feedback has been positive about this story. I’ve created a […]

Part IV, The 2nd Battle of Ypres

Just about finished Part IV, Cometh the Night. The title is taken from an earlier poem of McCrae’s about death, long before the war. I just finished re-imagining the gruelling battle details leading up to John McCrae’s writing of the poem, In Flanders Fields. You really have to brace yourself to tell this part of […]

Unseen photos

I am SO grateful today to report that I’ve gotten permission to publish two previously unseen photos in my book; one of McCrae that is as yet, unknown and certainly unpublished. Probably last seen by anyone somewhere between 1914 and 1919 or so, and the other, an amazing aerial reconnaissance photo by a German baron, […]