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Bonfire book progress – Part Three, Neuve-Chapelle

I’m SO excited today. I’ve discovered an unrecognized and unpublished photograph of John McCrae. I hope to get permission to use it in my book. It’s McCrae and another officer taken at Valcartier and as far as I know, after all my research, the only photo taken of McCrae there. I’ve launched into Part Three […]

Bonfire – The Chestnut Gentleman

I’ve been working away at this book and am just about to launch into Part Three. I’ve been reading John McCrae’s daily journals to colour in the events and times. It’s so amazing to read, ‘Kipling was in camp today,’ and, ‘he’s coming back tomorrow for lunch.’ Rudyard Kipling was a huge Empire booster and […]

Lt. Colonel John McCrae – the obsession continues

Many of you readers know that I composed music for the poem, In Flanders Fields and had it recorded in 2006. The song, arranged by Steven Baric and performed by a group of talented musicians I christened, The Bonfire Ensemble, debuted on CBC Radio in Calgary on November 6th, 2006, across Canada on the Corus […]

Canadian Viet Nam veterans – Canada keeps 2 big secrets

As a writer of Canadian military history, both past and present I have prided myself on having pretty good general knowledge of this area and excellent specific knowledge about aspects of World War One, my main area of study and research. So I’ve been pretty shocked to have my eyes gradually opened about Canada’s involvement […]