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the last two, I promise.

Look! You can see your face.

There's really nothing I can say about this one.

I can’t help it, a couple more.

Probably no one but the most rabid Beemer buff will appreciate these. Oh well.
Exhaust pipe. Don’t know what to say about it. It’s just so damn shiny!

The chrome the chrome

Call me obsessive.

Just look at that cylinder.

Bike pics, not nearly enough on this blog yet!

My BMW R90/6 in 1980. My first love! Artsy pictures I took WAY back for a photo course at SAIT.

Drift camera

Went for a spin on Wednesday with the Drfit camera on the helmet mount. I’ll see what happened shortly and if it’s any way interesting, I’ll post a few minutes. Just experimenting with mounts now; helmet-cam, saddle-bag cam and maybe handle-bar cam. Stay tuned!