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A different perspective on McCrae

Written by Christina Waldner on Thursday,  November 7th,  2013

On Remembrance Day, we are very used to hearing the poem, “In Flanders Fields”, but how many of us actually know the story of the poem’s author, John McCrae?

Author Susan Raby-Dunne tells the story of the iconic poem and McCrae in her book, “Bonfire – The Chestnut Gentleman.” What’s unique about Raby-Dunne’s version is that it’s written from the perspective of McCrae’s horse, Bonfire. Raby-Dunne decided to take this approach after doing almost seven years of research into McCrae’s life.

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Bonfire, the Chestnut Gentleman

Global Saskatoon on Monday, October 28th, 20123

Susan Raby-Dunne has written a book about the bond between a soldier and a horse during World War I and their ties to Flanders Field.

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