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Bonfire – The Chestnut Gentleman is the essential, true story behind the poem, In Flanders Fields, as told by Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae’s war horse, Bonfire. With 7 years of research behind it and 23 archival photographs, including one never before published of John McCrae, Bonfire will touch your heart and inject new meaning into the most famous WWI poem, In Flanders Fields.

Praise for Bonfire

“Enjoyed thoroughly. Loved it being told from the perspective of the horse. And shining through were the greatest virtues that living beings possess; friendship, loyalty, devotion. No Canadian can read this book without being inspired. Thanks for writing a superlative book about a great Canadian.” – Charles Adler, radio and television journalist.

“I just finished your book, Bonfire. Even though I’m extremely sad at what these poor soldiers went through, you have brought me back from a place I didn’t want to go. I have been very angry of late because I feel that Bob’s death was so wrong for any reason. But I can’t change it, and I will not break faith with those who died! That would be so wrong! Thanks for the kick in the pants that I needed!” – Jacqueline Girouard, widow of Regimental Sergeant Major, Bob Girouard, KIA Afghanistan, 27 November 2006.

“This is a tremendous accomplishment; a brilliant mix of research and creativity, rigour and art!”  – Major-General (ret’d) Ivan Fenton

“I love how you told the story from Bonfire’s view. Your book was so sad, yet exciting. This book rocks!” – Kaylee, 11

Bonfire – The Chestnut Gentleman, by Susan Raby-Dunne, captured my heart and taught me so much about the true story of John McCrae’s journey through WWI. As a high school principal and educator, I’m always seeking resources that will engage students and encourage them to read. This heartfelt story will resonate with students while teaching them the true meaning of the poem, In Flanders Fields.” – Leah Kingston, Principal Ecole Secondaire Highwood High School, High River, Alberta.